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What to Expect


Counselling should be tailored to you. Nobody else has lived your life and had the experiences that you've had. And no single counselling approach or textbook can describe the One Way to work with you on your healing journey.

That's the benefit of being curious.

During our sessions together, we will have relaxed conversations that explore your experiences and what they've meant for you. The goal is to work out what's going on, why it's happening, and how you might be able to introduce some positive changes to it. During this process, we remain mindful and curious about what it's like for you to be talking about this in the moment, and we shape the pace together to make sure it's neither too fast, nor too slow, for what you can handle.

Sessions are typically 50 - 60 minutes in duration, unless negotiated otherwise, and the number of sessions will be determined by what you feel you need. For some people, their goals are achieved within only 3 - 5 sessions. For others, an open-ended course over several years is right for them.

Standard session fee is $150 AUD. This currency converter can help you to determine the rate in your currency. We also offer a limited number of slots for negotiable sliding scale fees, so please do enquire about availability for this in your initial contact request, if needed.


Together, we'll work out what works for you, and review our progress as needed.

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