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Our Services

In-person counselling and recovery coaching sessions in our private, serene consulting rooms.


NOTE: In-person services are presently unavailable while we secure a new practice home on Dharawal country in Wollongong, NSW.

Online counselling* and recovery coaching sessions over secure video call, from the privacy and comfort of your own space.

Attend sessions with our therapists from wherever you are in the world, without having to commute to or from our offices.

We use safe, encrypted video call technology, backed up by digital security software to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, in line with technical guidance from our peak professional bodies.

*Online counselling not available in North America. Online coaching is provided for people in this location.

In-person and Online group programs and workshop events are offered throughout the year.

ONLINE - Positively Embodied Clay Workshop, JUNE 30 2024


Body image is an area of concern for most people, yet in therapeutic spaces is most likely to be filled with diet culture and weight bias. Body image recovery coaching may be for you if you're wanting to work on the deeper issues of what keeps you dissatisfied with your appearance. We may also explore themes relating to fat phobia, weight stigma, medical advocacy and Health At Every Size principles. 

Step back and take a breath, and explore how to rebalance your circumstances and reduce the burden of demands that you've been labouring under.

Whether it's work burnout, Carer's fatigue, social exhaustion, or any other set of expectations that you've found yourself struggling to fulfil, we can find a way to attend to your physical and emotional symptoms and discover a more sustainable shape for how you handle your future.

Counselling and Recovery Coaching that follows a trauma-informed framework. First seeking to establish safety and stability in your life, to then be able to explore, process, and integrate your experiences, so that you can let go of difficult emotions and unworkable coping patterns that may once have served your survival but are now holding you back.

Learn how to rewrite your story and move intentionally towards a more desired future.

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