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 Sunday, 5pm - 7.30pm EDT June 4th 2023 


Positively Embodied Clay Workshop

Positively Embodied is a therapeutic clay sculpture workshop for body image and embodiment. Through the language of art making and creativity, the workshop actively challenges the way advertising and media have taught you to see your body, so you can move away from objectifying yourself, to living as a full, dynamic, whole, embodied human. At the end of it you will be able to take home your own sculpture that 'means' something for you - and it's also fun and you will get to meet other likeminded folks.

You are not required to be 'talented' or 'good' at art or clay to do this workshop. Most folks haven't ever used clay or only used it in primary/high school. You will be guided gently, without judgement and supported to explore your individual process with the clay.


As an art therapist, I develop unique, powerful and creative healing approaches for people struggling with body image and disconnection from the self. We work together using basic art materials and a willingness to step into the creative unknown, even if you’re not 'good' at art.

What you receive from Positively Embodied

  • A nurturing space to explore your body image and emotions without needing to use words alone.​

  • A unique 'felt' experience of accessing the wisdom in your body through working with clay - not just a wordy 'how to'​

  • A less threatening, integrative experience that utilises the whole brain, rather than just your cognitive mind, to work on challenging body beliefs and improve embodiment​

  • Guidance and real-time practice for how to use the creative process to see your body from a compassionate, less critical lens​

  • A clay sculpture created by you that captures and embodies the process you learned through in the workshop​

  • A therapeutic, creative method you can use time and time again to continue your body image healing even after the workshop ends


Reflections from past workshop members

(deidentified to protect confidentiality)

"It was an eye-opening and very positive experience for me as I’m just starting out on my body acceptance journey. I found working with the clay to be empowering and encouraging and it felt really good to sculpt my body as it is currently, imperfect as it is! Your class helped me to embrace my now body and feel grateful for all it has done for me (especially this year after going through and recovering from major surgery). I have my sculpture displayed on my dresser to remind me every day that my body is a good body!"

Each session will follow a similar structure of welcome/check-in, psychoeducation, verbal sharing, art experiential and verbal processing. Verbal sharing/processing is also optional, you do not need to share if you don't feel comfortable and will still benefit.

Workshop overview

  • ​2.5 hours total workshop time with a registered art therapist.

  • 20 minute presentation that unpacks: art as therapy, creative fears, the link between body image work and art making with clay, using art to practice challenging the status quo and how art making helps you reclaim power from mass media to rewrite your body image narrative.

  • Over 90 mins of gentle, semi-guided art making with clay and individual attention to personally support your process.

  • Group discussion to process and bridge the art making experience in a way that helps facilitate self-awareness and insight about your body image healing (optional to participate verbally).

Values to expect during Positively Embodied:

Ashlee is committed to ensuring group spaces are fat positive, anti-diet and trauma-informed. The education in this group will be grounded within social justice and intersectional feminist understandings of the body. You are not required to have an in-depth understanding of these perspectives, but agree to have an open, curious mind.


Schedule and Sign Up

Upcoming Positively Embodied Clay Workshops:


Sunday, 5pm - 7.30pm EDT, 4th June 2023 Via Zoom - All time zones welcome!

Where: Online

Cost: $50 USD per person (prices will be shown in AUD when booking)

Materials: BYO - please bring your own pottery clay (2-3lbs) or airdry clay, a small water bowl, protective cover (placemat etc), paper towel, paint brush approx. 1/2 inch head - clay tools are optional, we have hands for a reason!

Sunday, 2pm - 4.30pm AEST, 25th June 2023 at Eat Love Live (a body positive, non-diet space).

Address: Level 1, 134-136 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, VIC

Accessibility: Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements.

Cost: $95.00 AUD per person - all clay/art materials, snacks and drinks provided. You can also take your sculpture home and you will be given instructions for firing or air drying your work.


Please ensure you can commit to the date and time of the workshop as outlined on this page as refunds cannot be offered. A transfer to a future date is optional if required.

We will see you there! Be prepared to get messy and laugh (and cry)!

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